Time to confess


outfit outfit

Top from Trussardi // Trousers from Zara // Denim jacket from Zara // Ring was a gift from my grandmother // Nailpolish from OPI

The sun is starting to shine again, which boosts up my mood heaps! Am I the only one whose mood depends on the weather or..? It makes me want to wear light colors a lot more and to listen to very relaxing and happy songs. Unfortunately, it also amplifies my cravings for ice cream. It’s one I’ve had for the last couple years now and it’s getting worse and worse every year. Want to know my today’s confession? I ate ice cream for breakfast. Have you every heard anyone ever who does that? Well, know you do! ;) I know I should decrease the amount of ice cream that I eat every day, since it goes straight to my tighs and hips, but I just can’t help myself when we’ve got some in the fridge..
anyone recognizes him or herself in me? tell a random confession about you in the comments!

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