Good girls are bad girls that never get caught


new look scotch & soda scotch & soda  america today

New look // Scotch & Soda // America Today

Yesterday evening revolved all about searching for my limits. It turned out to be one of the most lovely nights in my life so far. I was allowed to quit work earlier than usual, which enabled me to go out with friends. I came home at 4:45 am! I’ve never come home that late, ever, so it surprised me that my parents didn’t even get mad at me or anything. I wasn’t even able to cycle home anymore, since the bicycle parking was already closed. Today I had to get my bike, so I went back to the city centre. I couldn’t help myself from visiting a couple shops, now that I was there anyways. I bought a couple clothes, with which I’m very happy.
The holidays finally started! What are your plans for the next weeks?

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