The new Vogue issue + gift!


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Yesterday afternoon, the new Vogue issue arrived in the mailbox. The gorgeous Dutch model Doutzen Kroes was looking flawless on it’s cover. And guess what? There was a VOGUE tee sent with this month’s issue! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time yet to see what’s inside the magazine yet, but I’ll make time for that tomorrow and probably take photos from it and post it on my blog. Did you like the way I showed you last month’s issue? If you forgot what I mean, then just click HERE. I’m going to play my first hockey match in 4 weeks, which I’m nervous, but very excited about. And after that, I’m going out with friends(:
What is your day going to be like? 

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4 thoughts on “The new Vogue issue + gift!

    1. Thank you very much! (: Here in my city, we have this international magazine store, maybe you could look up whether there’s one near your place as well? x


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