I’ll go so high, my feet won’t touch the ground..


nike air max 1 nike air max 1 nike air max 1

For a very long time have I been searching for pair of  Nike Air Max 1 and today I finally found ones that I liked and were available in my size. It’s not the color that you’d probably expect from a girl like me, but I guess it was time for some change? Yes, it does scare me a little to wear them, as they are very bright and easy noticeable, but I’ll just see how this will work out haha.
The last couple of days, have I had an obsession with Macklemore. Not only do I like the melodies of his songs, but also the lyrics get me. It’s not because I can recognize myself in them, because I absolutely don’t, but it’s more the fact that he tries to actually tell us something. For example, he sings about sexuality in ‘Same Love‘ and about how bad drugs is in ‘Otherside‘. I like both songs a lot and play them on repeat every single day. A song that might be appropriate for this post is ‘Wings‘ from Macklemore as well, in which he mentions nike airs.
What are your favorite pair of shoes?

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