Bitch I might be

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Lately, I’ve reached a point in life, from when I’ve been feeling so different than I used to. Not only the outfits I nowadays pick are slightly different to the ones I used to wear, but also the music I listen to has altered. I care less about other people’s opinion and spend more time doing whatever I want. Although the pressure to do well for school is extremely high, I’m not panicking at all. I actually feel pretty relaxed, although I do worry a lot when I take the time to think about everything that’s on my ‘To Do’ list.. I’ll just not think about that now, right?
p.s. I’m leaving to Paris in 2 days already! What do you want my last post before leaving to be about?

Explanation of the title: The answer ‘Bitch I might be’ pops up too often in my head these days. If you’ve been wondering how the sentences became so popular or have never heard it before, then this is your lucky day because I’ll explain it right now. On april 10th 2013, Gucci Mane appeared in court where he was accused for attacking a military soldier with a champagne bottle. A couple day later, redditor (user of the website Reddit) ‘Hellpony’ sumbitted a photoshopped screenshot of a local news report to the site, on which he changed the on-screen text to ‘Rapper Gucci responds with ‘Bitch I might be’ when asked if guilty’, referencing a lyric from his 2006 single “Pillz”. This picture became very popular and the text was spread extremely quickly on websites as tumblr and twitter. In my opinion, this sentences is the perfect answer to most questions.. ;)

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