New from Paris


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While my stay in Paris for school, my friends and I were given some spare time. The first thing we thought of was ‘Time to go shopping!’, which probably wouldn’t surprise any of you, right? Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything to buy, which disappointed me a lot, as I expected to find amazing things in Paris. However, I didn’t mind a lot though, since I’m now, for real, saving money to buy a Canon camera. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right shops? Or maybe I was being too busy looking what other people wore. The people there fascinate me a lot, for some reason. Anyways, I returned home with some souvenirs for my sisters, a french Vogue, a couple necklaces and a legging.. I frankly have no freaking clue why I bought one, since I haven’t worn one for years, but I guess I’ll find that out later? I promise to take more photos of this month’s French Vogue later this month. It looks breath-takingly gorgeous on the inside!

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