Sunny Stressful Monday

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Now that summerbreak is getting closer and closer, the stress I get from school gets worse and worse. Suddenly, every teacher decide to let us write essays and give presentations. Although I’ve got a huge lack of sleep, I’m doing pretty well so far. Today I had an oral for french, which went  so good, like, better than ever! My teacher was very positive about me, which gave me an enormous boost. The sun is showing itself a lot more and the temperature is rising, which might  lead to the summer we’ve all been waiting for, for way too long already.
Are you busy with school these days as well? How’s the weather in your country?

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8 thoughts on “Sunny Stressful Monday

  1. Oh you poor… I had the same in my school time… but obviousyl studying is, on one hand better… is definitely more fun but on the other hand …I’m working harder then in school time :S And sleeping in exam period… noway :D:D But your going to make it, I am sure :D
    And the weather in Milan? forget it…. never been so bad… it supposed to be really nice but obvously it is sometimes just 10° which is definitely NOT normal…. but yesterday it was 20°…. today maybe 12…. grrr… to cold for me :S Greats from Milan, b.


    1. Yeah, I know right.. I wish you all the best with your exams(: Oh wow, you live in Milan? That’s amazing! I might go there this summer haha x


      1. Hihi yes… it is amazing!! the best city ever… well I have several fav cities but fot shopping… wow!!! so many stores!! You are going to enjoy it! :) b.


  2. Hahaha you went to Paris a few days and thats showing you the result! Loved te pics btw! You take lovely pictures, really!

    Im really stressed as well, as im going on a schooltrip in a week and we have to do a lot before that.. Having a french oral exam too, nervous already!


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