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It’s a bit weird, but also very motivating to see that the photos from my blog, can not only be found on WordPress, but also on Tumblr, WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Instagram and who knows where else! I’m glad that people like the pictures enough to share them with their followers. However, it disappoints me a little that barely anyone credits me. I started doubting to watermark every single photo, but then realised it might decrease the quality of my blog. Many people on tumblr repost my photos and put their own link as source or even claim the photo as theirs. Yesterday evening, when I was scrolling trough my news feed on Instagram, I stumbled on a photo of my Zara necklace that I recently bought. It frankly scared the shit out of me haha. Unfortunately, the owner of the account, didn’t credit me at all, so I wrote a little message to her. Luckily, she read it  and credited me in today’s photo, which was mine as well! Anyways, just felt like giving @inspomotivation on Instagram a shoutout, because I thought that would be the least thing I could do for posting my photo and crediting me. Same thing for Purpleemoon on Tumblr.
Do you like my photography? Any tips/advice?

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