outfit outfit outfit outfit

Approximately one month ago, I wore this exact same outfit on one of my free days. Click HERE to be redirected to the outfit. Pretty much immediately, I received a message from one of my friends, in which she wrote me how much she liked the outfit and how lovely it would be if I wore it to school some day. However, due to the bad weather that followed and my insecurity about this look, I postponed it for weeks until today. Today is my last official school day of this school year. So to me, it was pretty much now or never. Fortunately, I got super nice feedback about it from many people, which boosted up my confidence.. thank you for that (:

p.s. From tomorrow on, I’ll have to prepare and study for 11 tests that I’ll have to take within the next 8 workdays. They’re all very important to me, as the results will decide whether I pass this year or not..  As you now hopefully understand, school is currently my main priority. I simply don’t have enough time to blog the same amount as I used to before, but I’ll promise to get back on track when everything is finished. Wish me luck and have your fingers crossed please!

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