“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls”

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After scrolling trough many blogs that I daily visit, I realised how ugly my photos actually look. I usually don’t edit them very much, just a little bit on iPhoto, that’s it. However, a couple years ago, I used to edit many photos on Paint Shop Pro PHOTO X2 from Corel. I wondered where I’d kept the box, so I started looking for it. When I finally spotted it in my room and tried to install it on my laptop, I unfortunately had to find out that the program doesn’t work on apple devices. I’m currently considering to buy a new program to edit my photos more professionally.

What program or website do you use to edit your photos?

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7 thoughts on ““When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls”

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  2. Lightroom, is a popular editing tool and is compatible with both ios and windows. A lot depends on whether you shoot RAW or jpeg images. There is a commonly used free tool online, called Picasa. It’s very simple and easy to use. Though, I believe it doesn’t support RAW format. I could be wrong.
    Personally I use I shoot RAW and just use the utility that came with my camera for light editing. Best to edit, before you press the shutter. Good luck! I hope this helps.


    1. Thank you very very much for all the tips! Yes, I’m familiar with Picasa, but I honestly don’t really like that program for photo editing, just to create collages and stuff like that. Could you please explain to me what’s the difference between RAW and jpeg photos? I’ve wondered that for a very long time, but still don’t know it.


      1. Sure. I’ll try.

        A Raw file is basically a digital negative, similar to the film negative that has not been printed. They are unprocessed by the camera. Therefore they are uncompressed and contain ALL of the information the camera captured.

        Jpegs are the opposite. The camera records the information and then creates an image of what it THINKS is correct, then compresses it. The problem with this is that, once the the camera does this, it may get it wrong. Such as under/over exposure etc. It is difficult to go back and change blown highlights or extreme under exposure later on. And, the results are usually poor.

        With RAW you have much more latitude to tweak the image to your liking. Then once you are happy, you can just make a jpeg copy, and save the RAW file if you ever decide you want to make further changes later on.

        The only downside to RAW, is that because it is uncompressed, it is a large file, therefore takes up more space on your hard drive. Also if you shoot in rapid succession, your camera will slow down in order to store the files on your media card.

        Remember, you can ALWAYS make a jpeg from a RAW file, you can’t make a Raw file from a Jpeg.

        It’s all about having control over how your images will finally look.

        Hope this helps!


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