Relax, take it easy


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Top from Hollister //  Shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch

After having a very cozy and enjoyable yesterday evening, I woke up today at 11:45 am still feeling very tired. I needed one day doing nothing very badly, so that’s pretty much all I’ve done today: nothing. I chose a very simple and very comfortable outfit for today, so that I would feel very free and weekend-ish. Although it’s not that warm outside, I’m fine wearing this, since I’m not planning to go outside anyways. Maybe I should start running in the late evenings to maintain my current running stamina or at least what’s left of it..
What do you do to stay fit? Any suggestions for good workouts or eating habits?

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7 thoughts on “Relax, take it easy

  1. I planned to run every weekend, but I couldn’t stick with it, since I just never felt like it. But since I run with a friend of mine, I kinda have to run haha. So that makes it a lot easier!


  2. Blogilates is super fun and really works you! What do you suggest for beginner runners? I want to start running, but I always find myself more tired and unwilling to stick with it.


    1. Alright, I’ll try that one (: I honestly ain’t no running expert, as I don’t maintain my health by running, but by playing hockey twice a week. Maybe you could google a running schedule and also look for some tips. I know that might sound a bit weird “what tips do you want? lift your feet high or smh?” nope, I’ve once read some running advice, that I just can’t remember very clearly anymore, that sounded very helpful(: To keep your motivation, I would suggest to look for a running buddy or someone you can talk to about it, whether you’ll be discussing the times you ran, I don’t know haha. Anyways, good luck! xx


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