Yesterday’s new-in!


dkny wallet, zara shirt Zoekresultaten van 15 jun_21 rings

Although I was supposed to stay at home yesterday, my youngest sister persuaded me to go to the city centre with her to go shopping. So, I changed my outfit and went out with her. I ended up home with a bunch of new rings, a new shirt from Zara and a couple very simple, yet cute bracelets. Not even mentioning that when my mom returned home from her visit to the hairdresser, a DKNY wallet caught her eye on her way back to the car park. She didn’t even doubt whether to buy it or not, since it fits my DKNY bag perfectly. Click HERE to see my DKNY bag. I’m so lucky to have such a sweet mom :’)
Do you have or like matching accessories?

Random story: When I walked in the city centre, a random man walked towards me and asked me whether I wanted to be hair model for him, because he liked my hair so much. He wanted to use the photos to enlarge his portfolio as photographer for hairdressers. 

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