I close my eyes, and.. pray

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Today I had my last tests of this school year, which means that I can finally enjoy summer break now! Although I might have 2 re-examinations next week, I feel as if I’m now free to go and to do whatever I like. School has soaked up all of my energy, which made me feel quite depressed, stressed and sad the past days. Luckily, I can now have fun with friends and maybe spend more time blogging? However my ability to do well at school should show off a lot more in my averages, I’ve decided to accept the fact that I might not even pass this year and try to focus more on what will come, rather thank look back and point out all the mistakes I made. Next school year I’m planning to do it all differently. Not just a little bit and give up after a couple weeks. Nope. This time for real.
Who’s with me?

It’s never too late for a little prayer, right? (don’t judge me on this, I’ve never prayed before. Would love to learn something new though)

Dear God or whoever is up there,
I know I could’ve done better this school year, I know
Just please, give me the chance to show that I can actually do well at school, next year, by letting me pass?
If this turns out to be a bad decision, I’ll get punished enough by failing my exams, don’t you agree?
I’ll try really really hard, I promise
I hope someone’s listening to me..

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10 thoughts on “I close my eyes, and.. pray

  1. That is fantastic! School can defintely bring you down at times, but yes, a new approach next year can make it better! :)

    Love your blog. Now following. xx


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