La la la..


lalala, music

We all have moment when we just don’t want anybody to talk to you. We then either play some music, walk away or try to ignore everyone around you. Other than that, you could also just cover up your ears like a kid and go ‘LALALA..’. Yes, I’m talking about the song ‘Lalala’ by Naughy Boy and Sam Smith. It’s been stuck in my head for hours now, but I still like the song. After playing it a couple times on Youtube, I decided to look for more songs and, because of the fact that the name Sam Smith seemed unknown to me, I started right there. One of his most popular songs was ‘Latch’, so I clicked on it. I could tell that this wasn’t the first time for me that I listened to it, as I recognized its melody. As you now might be able to guess, I’ve been playing both songs over and over again..
Damn, where would this world be without music? Any other suggestions for songs?

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