natural with a little touch


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I have been searching for the perfect lipstick for months, without success. Not until I asked my mom to help me. She suggested me to check out her collection of lipsticks, since she has lots of them. A bit disappointed because of the fact that I wanted to buy my own very first lipstick myself, but also willing to find something, I walked to her bathroom and opened her drawer… with success! I found 2 lipsticks that were exactly what I’d been looking for: naturally looking with a little touch. I now wear them on a daily basis and am so happy that I’ve finally found them!
Do you use or like lipstick?
p.s. should I post one or two posts a day?

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2 thoughts on “natural with a little touch

  1. Great to see you found something! I always love the natural look! Not much of a lipstick wearer but I am slowly getting starting to love them. Just a thought on your pictures, how about taking a photo of the colour of the lipstick as well? This helps reader to view them and love them with you. :) I love your blog and so I look forward to new posts all the time, if you can 2 that’s great! xx


    1. Oh my god, how could I forget to take photos of the lipstick colour.. thanks so much for reminding me! I definitely will take some in the future (: x


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