Dutch Junior Open 2013

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You probably wouldn’t expect photos like these on my blog, but since this website is pretty much about anything, I decided to publish it. For the next couple days, 2 British boys will stay at our house, since we signed up as host family for a golf event. It’s an international event called the Dutch Junior Open. Boys and girls from all over the world come together to join the competition. All of them are great golf players, so it’s amazing really to watch them. It’s also a very good practice for me to speak English. I now already notice a difference when it comes to having real conversations. I really hope that I’ll be able to talk even more fluent by the end of this week, which seems to be a very realistic goal to me. I pretty much even think in english right now. It’s just crazy how fast your brain is able to pick up a different language when you’re surrounded with people talking that language all the time.

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