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The last couple of days were absolutely exhausting, but they were probably one of the most lovely ones I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never walked as much as I did, so my legs feel a bit sore now, but it was definitely worth it. I received a nice tan from it though! Unfortunately, I also got this ‘not so nice’ tan line from my shorts, but oh well.. I especially want to thank Joe, Harry E, Harry C, Bobby, Dylan, Melissa, Aaron, David, Cameron, Lawrence, Ben, Alasdair, Andrea, Iman, Marit and Sophie. It was great meeting you guys and I’d love to see you again in the near future. I really hope I wrote everyone’s name correctly and didn’t forget anyone, because that’d just make me feel so bad about myself.. Anyways, I wish you all the best and it would be great if you’d ever read this, but if not then that’s just too bad for me I guess.
Today my family is coming over to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which was yesterday, july the 19th. I’m very excited to see my cousins again, because I haven’t seen them for quite a long time now, since I’ve been away a lot.
What are your plans for today? Is the weather in your country as lovely as it is in The Netherlands?

p.s. I took this picture months ago, that’s why my skin looks so pale
p.p.s I forgot to share with you that I passed my CAE test: time to party!

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