Don’t be scared to follow your dreams

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Today I went to the city centre with my mom and younger sister to buy stuff for school, which I usually like doing a lot. However, the weather made me feel very down and tired. It’s currently 31 degrees outside and I feel as if I’m about to pass out. All I do is eat ice cubes to feel better and lie on the couch doing absolutely nothing. There’s no reason for me to complain though, since I’ve got the opportunity to do a collaboration soon, just for you! And there’s even more good news.. Yesterday afternoon, I was talking with my parents about traveling all by myself and they might send me to England this year! I’m so excited to go, since I’ve never been abroad without my parents or school. Although I feel a little bit nervous about it, I can’t wait to go.
Which city in the UK is definitely a must to visit? 

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