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I’d like to apologize for not posting anything yesterday. The problem was caused by a huge storm that cut off all the electricity and water from our whole house. Luckily, my uncle, who is a very creative person and has a solution for almost everything, bought some candles at the grocery store the day before and brought some torches with him from home. I honestly have no idea why, since it’s not something you usually would bring with you when you’re packing, but we were all very happy he did. Fortunately, it’s fixed now so everything is back to normal. No more squeezing into one bed, because some of us were quite scared. – My grandma fell from her bed, because my youngest sister was taking up too much space. Happily she didn’t get hurt at all and she was able to laugh about it afterwards. – No more stressing out because the refrigerator didn’t work. No more feeling dirty because there wasn’t any water coming out of the taps, nor showers. No more need to use your phones flashlight when you want to go somewhere. No more struggles at night because it was too hot to fall asleep and the air-conditioning didn’t work. No more need to use water from the swimming-pool to flush the toilet. Simply no more stress.
Hopefully you were in a better place at that time than I was and if not, then I hope today will be a lovely day for you.
Enjoy your day! (:

p.s. Did some great purchases these days that I’ll definitely show you soon!

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