Streetstyle Florence and Arezzo


IMG_4083 IMG_3992 IMG_3983 IMG_3938 IMG_3934 IMG_3943 IMG_3930 IMG_3920 IMG_3907 IMG_3897

When I started scrolling down my blog, I noticed that I’ve drastically changed blogstyle in the past month. I nowadays aim more at improving the quality of my photography by taking many photos of my family and other people, while I used to aim at simplicity. I’m not sure yet which one I like the most, since I like both a lot, so I’d love to get your opinion about it.

For todays post I’ve uploaded some photos of people that caught my eye whilst shopping. I could’ve taken many more of outfits that I liked, but I was simply too slow or the streets were too crowdy to shoot a lovely picture.

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