Siena, Italy


IMG_3890 IMG_3903 IMG_3915 IMG_3963 IMG_4070 IMG_4038 IMG_4071  IMG_4049 IMG_4072 IMG_4118 IMG_4166 IMG_4161

I frankly think that this post contains a couple photos that are probably one of the prettiest I’ve ever taken. The lightning that day was simply perfect and I guess the timing happened to be wonderful. I once published a post with a collection of photos that I were really proud of at that moment, which you can find by clicking HERE. 
Should I make more posts like that or not?

P.s. There’s a rather funny story behind the last photo of my cousin and I. He wanted a photo of us together really badly, so my sister took one. However, when she pressed the camerabutton, the wind blew my hair towards different directions. When we were about to take a new photo, he was holding my hair in his hand, so that it would stay in place.

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