Pull up those stockings

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IMG_4559 IMG_4547 IMG_4545 IMG_4551

As soon as my uncle noticed there was a lake full with trouts, he bought a couple fishing nets for my cousins and sisters to catch fishes with. My youngest sister pulled up her stockings just for fun. However, I thought it looked quite fashionable and made her legs look super long and very thin. Some of you would probably disagree with me, but oh well haha. They had so much fun in the water, although it was super hot outside. Unfortunately, none of us brought any swimwear with us, so we weren’t able to go for a swim. Anyways, today we’re going back to that lake, this time better prepared for the heat.
What do you think of her look?

p.s. I’m so sorry for the fact that this post is up so late. It literally took me 4 hours+ just to add the photos. The internet is super crappy today and it’s absolutely driving me craaaazy..

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