Back to Black


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When I went shopping in Italy with my mom, I saw a department of a brand called “Sandro”. I had never heard of it before, but the clothes that hung there looked really nice. Everything was pretty simple with a lovely detail on it, which is so.. me! Comfortable and simple but different is how I would describe my taste in clothes. I know that this doesn’t show in every clothing piece that I own, but that’s my style, really. I dislike being average and I don’t like people who wear the same things as the majority of this society. I don’t want people to stare at me, because my clothes seem strange to them, but I find it quite lovely when people ask me where I bought my clothes, because they’ve never seen it before. I find it absolutely afwul to get caught wearing the same outfit as someone else. Alright, back to the main reason of this post. This blouse immediately caught my eye when going trough the clothing. The leather makes it a more special piece, rather than just a simple blouse that everyone nowadays buys from Zara. The brand is quite expensive, so I didn’t buy that much other than this. Just a black tregging kind of thing.. You’ll probably see me wearing it in one of my future outfit posts. It looks a lot better than it sounds, trust me!

p.s. Don’t worry, I know the difference between a legging and some trousers. You won’t see me confusing those two, ever haha

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