Instalately, July

My life



July contained lots of new try-outs and experiences that were absolutely unforgettable.
1. In Rome with Roos 2. Shot some wonderful photos of my sister Liling 3. Blausee 4. Perfect weather to wear shorts! 5. Outfit of the day 6. In Rome with Maarten and Laurens 7. Tanning tanning tanning 8. In Rome with Maarten 9. Bored, whilst waiting to go to Switzerland with my sister Liling 10. Tony Cohen fashionshow at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 11. Blausee with my sister Liling 12. Free minded 13. Enjoying the good life at the swimming pool 14. Say cheese (: 15. Aaaaand turn! 16. Shopping in Arezzo 17. In Rome with Roos and Lois 18. Daisy 19. Looking for crystals in the Alps 20. Blogging all the way!
How did you experience july?

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