IMG_4958 outfit, gap, zara IMG_4954 outfit, gap, zara IMG_4917

Blouse from Gap // Shorts from Zara

This was my outfit a couple days ago. I absolutely love my new blouse from Gap, since it’s super comfortable and loose, which is perfect when it’s warm outside. The light blue blouse with the dots on it, that you might have seen if you follow me on instagram, is another purchase I did in the Paris’ Gap store. I nowadays like wearing blouses a lot, even though I used to hate them when I was younger.
Anyone else recognizes him or herself in it? 

p.s. I know my hand looks utterly awkward on all of the photos, but I put in much more thought than you’d probably expect. I did it on purpose, so that you’d still be able to see my shorts whenever I bend over.

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