This is the end..

My life

Foto op 18-08-13 om 15.29

Excuse the bad quality photo that I used for this post.  I thought a sad-face photo would be quite appropriate for such a sad day as today, but unfortunately didn’t have one on my laptop yet, so I thought “Why not quickly take one on photo booth”. And yeah, this happened to be the result of it.. Anyways, as everyone from my school now and probably the rest of the society that lives close to me knows, today is the last official day of our summer break.. – Noooooooooo! – Time flew by so super duper fast, it’s crazy really. I guess I will be spending my whole day doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and enjoying my overload of spare time (:
How are you going to spend your last day of summer break?

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2 thoughts on “This is the end..

  1. omg when I read the title first I thought that you’re gonna finish this blog and I was totally freaked out hahah! :D

    here in Hungary the school starts only in the 2nd of Sept!!

    Emma xx

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