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When I was in Paris, I couldn’t help myself from visiting the Brandy Melville store. I stumbled on this very comfortable and simply cardigan that happened to be really cheap as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know its price anymore, since I already cut off the price tag and threw it away. The weather changes so much recently, which sucks a lot. It could be 15 degrees outside but 28 the next. It’s so weird how quickly the summer has passed this year and I’m actually not looking forward to the winter at all, because of all the rain and the struggles on my way to school caused by the slippery roads, yuk. However, I do like to ski and snowboard, christmas and new year’s eve.. Hmmm.. maybe the winter is not that bad..
What do you think? What’s your favorite season of the year? Which month do you like the most?

p.s. If you want me to like you then you should say September is the best month of the year (my birthday is september the 19th!!)
p.p.s this wasn’t today’s outfit! I’m wearing the same cardigan though right now but combined with denim shorts, because of the lovely weather outside, yaay (:

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