See through back


IMG_5248 IMG_5226 IMG_5218 IMG_5233

Jumper from Sandro // Bra from Intimissimi

When I put on this jumper and noticed my bra straps showing, I was a bit surprised by how good it looked. It usually bothers me a lot when bra straps show in an outfit, but that wasn’t the case this time at all. The see through back is what makes the jumper different from all the others I own, which is also the reason why this is probably my favorite one. I combined it with my black pants from Sandro and my black air max, so I think I was quite noticeably in black haha
Would you ever wear this?

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5 thoughts on “See through back

  1. Love the jumper! Don’t know if I would wear it.. Your hair is quite long as you can tell, but mine is a bit shorter. So you’ll practically see everything instead of just a glimp and that wouldn’t be that pretty.. :)But it looks great on you!


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