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Very surprisingly, I didn’t update my Instagram a lot this month. Maybe I was too stressed because of school? Or maybe I just didn’t want to bother you too much with my photos..

1. My all black outfit that I combined with my neon orange sneakers. I absolutely love them since they cheer up every outfit a lot 2. My matching blouse and cap. I prefer to wear my caps backwards, so that they don’t limit my view.. Is that weird? 3. My newest purchase: black nike air max. They’re super easy to combine and are very comfortable to wear 4. I found this old picture of me. It was taken in France and there was this boy sitting behind me, but to be honest, I don’t have any clue what his name is, so I decided to cut him off the photo.. Whoooops  5. Going out with friends, enjoying life to the fullest and forgetting about the rest of the world 6. Today I wore a dress, which happens very rarely! I might post more photos of my outfit tomorrow if you’d like me to?
How was August in your opinion? Ready for september? Any lovely events planned?

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4 thoughts on “Instaugust

  1. Love the picturess! But what makes you think you bother us with your pictures? There’s a reason we follow you.. :)

    1. Awh, I’m glad you like them! Because I have days when I upload loads and loads of photos and it might clog up your newsfeed haha xx

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