17 years old!

My life

IMG_5623 Yesterday, it was my birthday, on which I turned 17 years old. I usually never feel anything ‘special’ that day, since it’s on a normal school day and everyone continues going to work and such, but for some reason this year it felt differently. I actually enjoyed being the birthday girl and I got spoiled a lot by my parents as well as my sisters and grandmother. I’m going to celebrate it really well with a huge birthday bash next month, which excites me a lot. This weekend is also filled with parties, dinners and of course some family time, so there won’t be much time for me to rest. There’s no need to complain though, since I’ll be surrounded by so many lovely people!

Hope you’re having a great friday and may you have a really nice weekend! 

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4 thoughts on “17 years old!

  1. Nog van harte gefeliciteerd!! Ik heb net je blog ontdekt en ik ben echt helemaal fan :) Super super super leuk, geeft me echt motivatie om allemaal kleine dingen uit mijn eigen leven te fotograferen. Liefs!


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