A little update

My life

IMG_6735 I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on my blog for the last 10 days already. I’m really sorry for my absence on here, but I do have my reasons for that. Not only because the days are getting shorter and shorter, which means less time to shoot photos, my energy level is also decreasing. And on top of that, I’m spending most of my time these days sleeping, doing schoolwork or going out with friends. I genuinely miss sharing all my thoughts and stories with you, so that’s why I decided to write this little update. I promise that my next post will be an a-lot-better-planned one. Yesterday evening I ordered my prom dress, which will be delivered later this week. I’m really excited to try it on and I really hope that it’ll fit me nicely or else I’ve got to find a plan B desperately.. Other than prom, I’m also very looking forward to some birthdays that I got invited to, since I really like hanging out with friends, having chitchats with them and laugh with them.
What is your motivation to survive this school week? Anything you’re looking forward to?

p.s. I reached 350 likes on my Facebook page, thank you! click here to be redirected to it and make sure you like it if you haven’t yet (:

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