Lazy Sunday

My life

lazy-sunday1I’m surely enjoying my holidays already, as I spent my saturday evening with my family and didn’t do that much today. I woke up quite early, finished my first book in years and went for a dip in the pool with my youngest sister. We turned on the music really loudly and started singing, which was so much fun! We stayed in the pool for hours, until my mom called us for dinner. I’m now rocking the house in my onesie, whilst waiting for my mom to prepare our second course. My goal for the next 2 weeks is to get fitter, sleep properly and to find some rest in my head. I’ve wanted to achieve this much earlier, but for some reason it just doesn’t really work out when I’ve got things for school on my mind. I really hope that by the end of this schoolbreak, my legs will look just like the did last summer.

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