Shorts in december

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IMG_7401Tanktop from Abercrombie & Fitch //  Shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch
I wouldn’t be me, if I spent a day without thinking about something in life. That’s just what I’m like: always thinking about what could happen if, what has happened, what could be improved in my life and such. Whilst swimming laps in the pool, I was thinking about this quote that I used to have on my lock screen..

We are fooled into thinking that we need others to be happy

I just agree with this so much. It’s crazy how we nowadays let our mood depend on other people. And other than that, we also care way too much about other people’s opinion. I remember how I used to be scared that people would call me a ‘nerd’, so I didn’t bother spending more time doing schoolwork, which I now regret a lot. The thing about the word ‘nerd’ is that it’s a great example of a connotation. I would say a nerd is a very intelligent person, which is a good thing, right? Although, people often associate the word ‘nerd’ with a person who barely has a life, since he or she studies continuously and doesn’t spend any time having fun. Looking back to those times, I’m laughing at myself really loudly, as it seems incredibly stupid to be afraid of that. But, we can’t deny that this actually is happening a lot these days. And I think we need to stop this. Because even though the case I just told you about was something really small, some people stop living their dreams because they’re scared of what other people think. That’s just stupid, don’t you think? You should do whatever you feel comfortable with and chase your dreams. If you want to be smart, then study your ass of. If you want to be fit, then train like a freaking fool for that body. I asked myself what I wanted the most and the answer was to feel comfortable in my skin and to wear whatever I feel like wearing, so I did. I first swam for hours and then put on some shorts. I don’t care that it’s december and that it’s freezing outside, because I just feel like wearing shorts today and nobody can stop me from dressing like this. I know people would think that I’m crazy, but so what? If this makes me happy, then I’m doing it, and so should you!
What do you want the most?

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