The fault in our stars + a special shoutout

My life

the-fault-in-our-starsI’m currently home alone and spending my time dancing through the house in my underwear, jumping on my parents’ bed, blasting the music loudly and singing along with it. I enjoy times like these so much when you can just forget about everything and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Other than that, I did some useful stuff today as well, such as swimming, doing some housecleaning and even started reading a new book! (this rarely happens, so it’s quite an achievement for me) I’ve only read a couple chapters so far, but I’m already loving this book by bits. It’s called “The fault in our stars” by John Green, which you’ve probably heard a couple times already, since it’s pretty well-known. It’s not hard to read at all, but the way it’s written is so beautiful. I’d recommend everyone to read it! Yesterday evening I went out with a bunch of friends, which was great as always. Recently, I really like hanging out with boys, as they create less drama and they seem to enjoy life a lot more. I promised them to mention them in my next post, since they read my blog as well, which I made me laugh quite a bit when they admitted it. So, here you go guys, shoutout to Jakob, Robert, Luuk and Freek ;) I don’t have any plans yet for the evening, so I guess I’ll spend my time with my sister and mom on the couch watching television.

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