Instadiary December 2013

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instagraminstagraminstagraminstagraminstagramI want to start this post by wishing everyone a happy new year! This months Instagram post is full of throwbacks to great memories from the past year, as well as random snaps from my life.
1. Missing the summer really badly 2. Vogue Tee from may’s issue 3. My youngest sister and I 4. Robert(o) and I on New Years Eve 5. One of my favorite Vogue covers 6. Luuk and I at a birthday party 7. Outfit close-up 8. Roomtour 9. My outfit for Christmas 10. My statement necklaces 11. You gotta keep smiling (: 12. My clothing rack 13. Random images I found online 14. My running outfit 15. Quote of that day 16. The view in Switzerland 17. My carnivals costume in february this year 18. Snowboarding 19. Throwback Paris trip with school 20. Outfit of that day 21. Chanel store in Paris 22. My favorite shoes of all time 23. My new years look 24. Outfit of the other day 25. My electronics that I need every day haha 26. Photographing in the woods with my sister 27. Couple of my earrings 28. My prom dress 29. All the girls I attended prom with 30. Close-up again
I’ve been thinking about new years intentions for while, but didn’t come up with any really. My opinion about them hasn’t changed since last year so yeah, that’s why I guess. If you want to see last years post, click HERE.
Do you have any new years intentions?

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