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lishenhoAfter quite a long time of being inactive, I realized it was time to update my blog again. I’ve been feeling really good these days and the fact that the sun rises earlier every day contributes to this. It was great to cycle to school this morning as dawn breaks, instead of feeling like you’re on your way in the middle of the night. Other than that, the fact that my family and I are celebrating Chinese New Year this saturday with a bunch of other people, excites me a lot as well. I haven’t decided yet what my outfit will be like, so that’ll probably be the main thing on my mind this week, but I’m sure that’ll be fine. I really hope to find some spare time to photograph a little any time soon, since I haven’t done that properly for some days either. I might take some nice shots tomorrow, as I’m bringing my camera with me to school for a school project, but we’ll see.

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