Instadiary January 2014: Cheers!

My life

Desktop40Desktop39 Desktop35Desktop38Desktop42Desktop34As you can see in some of the pictures above, taken from my Instagram @lishenho, I’m desperately in need for the summer to come. Many of this past months photos were throwbacks to last summer or images of me dressed barelegged or wearing skirts anyway. No matter whether it was almost freezing or storming outside, whenever I felt like uncovering my legs, then I did. If I had to describe January with only one sentence, I’d say “There’s always a reason to say cheers!”. I do agree that it’s good to know what your weaknesses are, so that you can keep improving yourself as much as possible, but you shouldn’t forget to enjoy your life. Every now and then, a person needs to take a break. So, forget about all the negativity in this world for a while and celebrate the presence of all the good things you have. It could be anything positive: a high grade you received, a birthday of someone, the great weather, the fact that you cleaned your room or simply because you’ve got some amazing friends. You only live once, remember?
Well, what are you waiting for? Get yourself something thirst-lessing and start saying ‘Cheers!’ more often!

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