Hello sunshine!

My life

IMG_8869 IMG_8874Unfortunately the holidays ended. Snowboarding and skiing in Switzerland with my family and hanging out with my friends was a great way to spend the holidays though.. I just didn’t find any time yet to relax, which is a pity. However, I can’t complain since the weather is surprisingly hot for this time of the year. The temptation to wear shorts is extremely big, but my pale legs are the reason why I’m easily able to resist it. On saturday I had to work for the first time in months, since I quit a while ago. Ever since, my feet hurt as hell and I’ve been feeling exhausted. It went pretty well, which was a huge relief to me, as I was really scared that it would turn out as a disaster. I’m now preparing myself for a while, as I’m feeling a bit nauseous, caused by eating this not even very delicious super sweet wedge of cake. I have no idea why I ate it in the first place, but I surely shouldn’t have done it..

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