Shorts out!


shorts-out5 shorts-out2 shorts-out3 shorts-out1 shorts-out4
Blouse from Zara // Shorts from Topshop

The fact that the temperature has risen quite a bit and my mom had bought me some new blouses from Zara seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to post a new outfit on my blog. I grabbed one of my favorite shorts and combined it with a plain silky blouse. Both are really easily to combine with pretty much everything, but will never fail your look. I find it a bit embarrassing to show my almost glow-in-the-dark legs, but oh well.. There’s a first for everything, right? Just like the sun rays that are finally able to reach my legs again haha

Next week will be full of exams again, which scares me a little. I really hope everything will go well. Guess I should stop postponing and start studying right now..
Have a great sunday!

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