You can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake

My life

cupcake cupcake2 cupcake4 cupcake5 cupcake3 I had planned to take loads of photos for you, as I’d expected to have plenty of spare time this weekend. But once again, this wasn’t the case. Majority of last week, I suffered from stomach flu, which was horrible. And when I thought it was getting better, it got even worse. My uncles, aunts and cousins came over from saturday and stayed until yesterday evening, which did not improve my health, nor my sleeping pattern. Nevertheless, the stubborn person that I am, I decided to do everything a well person would do as well. One of the activities I did was baking a bunch of cupcakes and decorate them. I was a bit  unsure whether to take photos while making them, to share the recipe with you with step-by-step photos, since I still don’t know what you guys are into.
Would you like me to do that the next time I cook/bake something?

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