Time for some changes


lishenho, li shen ho, lishen hoMaybe you’ve noticed it already, maybe you have not. Yesterday afternoon and evening, I spent looking for a new lay-out. Not only because I felt annoyed by the fact that there was this space on the left side of each of my photos, due to a time stamp, but also because I had an urge to some refreshment. Even though the bright colors in my menu appeared joyful and happy, it felt very childish and unprofessional to me. On that account, I picked the one you’re able to see now! I did not delete the menu, so if you’re particularly looking for some content on my blog then you still can. Just scroll all the way down the page and click the plus sign.

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Click on ‘continue reading’ to see what my old theme looked like.


2 thoughts on “Time for some changes

  1. Your new blog looks fantastic!!! It’s nice and clear and airy, my kind of site. Next you need to start thinking about self-hosting, you can have even more fun with it then! Email me if you need any pointers.


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