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IMG_8683IMG_8681 So, as you might know if you follow my blog, I went to New York City for 5 days with my dad. Unfortunately I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do when I go abroad. Nevertheless am I very happy with the ones I have. I think most people expect me to take tons of pictures whilst my stay in this huge city, but I can explain why this didn’t happen. First of all, the weather wasn’t that great. Second of all, the city is restless and super hectic. Everything moves continuously and is busy at all times. When you visit it for the first time, it really springs on you. It’s hard to process everything that happens around you. And lastly, it is extremely exhausting to get the most out of a five-day trip to such a big city. Especially when you’re led by my dad, whose walking speed is pretty much the same as an average runners. Anyway, I really hope you’ll enjoy my look back at this holiday as much as I did.
Have you ever been to New York?

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