Rule #1: be prepared for any kind of weather

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fifth-avenueThe first thing I noticed when our plane arrived in New York, were the clouds. The air was full of them, so the rain soon after our arrival wasn’t really a surprise. However, nobody expected it to be as bad as it actually happened to be. Maybe you’ve heard it on the news already: it was ranked as #10 most rainy day measured in its history!! Unfortunately, we did not know about this until the day after. So, we got ourselves an umbrella and after checking in at our hotel, we decided to walk uptown on Fifth Avenue. We first grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and then continued walking (and shopping of course). We went into a huge Zara store, a huge Apple store, a huge Nike store – pretty much everything was huge, so from now on I’ll leave out the word ‘huge’ – , Saks of fifth, Hollister and many more. Although I decided to wear my dry-fit Nike tights the rest of the day, which was most definitely the best decision I could make, my air maxes were completely soaked and so were my dads leather shoes.. Due to this, we ended up blow drying our shoes late in the afternoon, while sad facing watching the weather expectations on the television. Luckily we found a great restaurant called Nobu 57 that still had a table for two left. We, my dad and I, both chose the chef’s choice, which was delicious! There was some sushi, soup, chocolate souffle, ice cream and more: just what we needed! Before we got our dessert served, I complained to my dad about how full I was and how uncomfortable I felt about eating even more. But as soon as they showed the course, all my doubts about my stomach capacity disappeared haha. I’ve never tasted anything that heavenly. 
Great way to end such a rainy day (:

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4 thoughts on “Rule #1: be prepared for any kind of weather

  1. I really like the photo of this post!<3 I hope you will make a little diary of every day you were in New York, because I will go this summer too.(: Besides I was wondering what happend with medicine school, because I know you talked about it. I also inscribed for medicine school in Utrecht, but I didn't get in. So I was wondering if you did get in? And if not (I'm very sorry), what are you planning to do now? I hope you will anser my question, I'm very curious.


    1. I surely will! I’ll post the highlights but I’ll also mention everything that disappointed me, so you’ll get my whole new york story (: I still want to apply for medicine school in Utrecht, but I’m a year behind since this year, so I’ll have to wait until next year in order to inscribe there. I’m really sorry to hear that you didn’t get in. Maybe Antwerp can offer you a place in medicine school? They have a different way of selecting their students, so I’d highly recommend you to check it out! That’s my plan B as well, so I really hope it’ll work out for you (: Good luck and don’t forget to tell me how it worked out for you! X


      1. That would be amazing, I’m already looking forward to it! I don’t really feel like going to Antwerp. So this year I will do another study, which will hopefully prepare me for next year.:)


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