Victoria’s Secret


victoria's secretAfter visiting Ground Zero, all we did was shopping, shopping and uhm.. did I mention we went shopping? Since pretty much every amazing brand has at least one store in New York, you’d probably expect me to buy loads there, right? Well, I did not. I think the main reason is the fact that I went with my dad. It’s not that he doesn’t want to buy anything for me, but it’s a feeling I get whenever I go shopping with him. Deep inside I know that he’d rather do something else, that we can actually do together. So every time we enter a new shop, I feel pressured to hurry up. I go through the racks of clothes really quickly and try to avoid anything that I need to try on before purchasing, since most queues to get a fitting room take ages. Other than my new pair of Nike’s, I’m really happy with my purchases from Victoria’s Secret. The teaser I am, I’m not showing you what’s inside the bags, yet!

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