Count down ’til summer break

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brooklyn bridge, new yorkIt’s been 2 months, since I went to New York and I can’t believe how quickly time’s passed. It feels like yesterday: the crowded streets, the gorgeously decorated shop windows, the high buildings, fashionably dressed people as well as the very unfashionably ones and just the adrenaline flowing through my body whilst visiting the city. The tiredness I felt those days, followed by the exhaustion the days after, were all worth the experience. The photo above was taken by my dad, when we walked on the Brooklyn Bridge. I remember being a bit grumpy back then, since we hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast yet and my body simply couldn’t stand the fatigue anymore, combined with some homesickness I think. Within the next week, I can finally put away my books and enjoy summer break. I can’t wait until I can fully relax and just have no obligations at all.
What are your plans for summer break?

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