2 days in Amsterdam

My life

IMG_9665 IMG_9658I was supposed to be enjoying lots of spare time, now that the holidays have finally started, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. I was busy doing lots of things and had to go to many appointments, which resulted in a lack of time to blog. The past 2 days, I’d spent in Amsterdam with my sister, due to the MBFWA (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam). We didn’t shop very much though. Instead, my cousin gave us a tour through the city. At the fashion event, I shot a great series of photos, that I’m looking through, to sort out the succeeded ones and I’ll probably continue doing this for the next couple of days, as I’ve taken 1500+ photos. It might take a little longer than usual, since we’ll be having 2 English guests over from monday until saturday. They’re going to participate to the Dutch Junior Open (an international golf competition). I’ll be spending most of my days at the golf course, but I’ll try my best to select and edit the best shots as soon as possible. I really hope you understand the circumstances I’m in. If you’re curious about the photos I took the past two days, then I’d suggest you to visit my blog later this week (:

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