MBFWA July 12th (pre) Vibrant Pakistan


12 Jul 2014_9IMG_9682Lilay Yuzgulen (www.lilay.nl)

Saturday was my first day at the MBFWA this year. I was a bit nervous, but that’s the usual when I go to events for my blog. My shyness showed in the little amount of photos I took before the show started, which is a pity. Fortunately I felt more comfortable the day after, resulting in more photos. I liked the outfit of Lilay the most, as it’s very casual and sophisticated, yet fashionable. To top it off, she was also very lovely to talk with. What I noticed at the event is how fake people can look or act. It’s all about beauty, which felt a bit unpleasant to me, as I’m just a regular 17-year old student dressed in simple clothes who likes to blog and to photograph..

p.s. can the two girls who asked me to take a photo of them please comment below and include their email, so that I can send the photos I took? Also, I took a photo of a couple of really awesome dressed girls, but unfortunately my camera didn’t focus properly, so they turned out not that good.. Sorry!!

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5 thoughts on “MBFWA July 12th (pre) Vibrant Pakistan

  1. Hi, You took a photo of me and a friend of mine in front of the screen. Do you want to sent it to me? Thanks a lot!! X iris


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