It’s never too late to try: Happy 2015!

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img_1672 Happy belated new year everyone, I hope y’all have celebrated it with your beloved ones!! Everything in my life has been really busy these few months. As soon as I turned 18, I had to sort out some stuff that I apparently have to do myself now, which sucks being an adult, and started my driving lessons.. Then I happened to get injured on both my knees, which led to many hours in the gym doing different workouts, to strengthen specific body parts according to my physiotherapist. So far, it seems to have a positive result on my knees, so that’s really great :) And then the month of all the holidays started, which filled up my scheme as well.. So yeah, that was pretty much everything I’d been up to. I’m currently preparing my Dutch oral, that I’ve planned for this Wednesday, which stresses me out quite a lot. I have absolutely no idea how to study it, so let’s just hope for the best haha. Other than that, I’m very excited for something new, that’ll be up on the blog within the next weeks I think. I really hope you guys will like it, but we’ll see ;)
How’s your holidays been like? Did you spend most of the time with friends or family? Any new year’s resolutions? <3

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