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Throw back to my trip to New York. I currently feel like one of those people who move to NYC, hoping that they’ll make it to the top..

Every person has a dream or maybe even more than one. A dream that he or she would do anything for, just like you’re willing to move mountains for the people you love. Well, mine is to become a doctor one day. I’ve wanted this since kindergarten. While most of my friends wanted to become policemen or hairdressers, I felt ashamed for wanting to become something else. Now that I’m in my last year of grammar school, I’ve reached the point where I’m finally able to/pressured to find my way through life. Yesterday morning, I went to Utrecht, trying to pass the decentralised selection for application to study medicine. I studied weeks for the test and I really hope that it’s enough to succeed. Although I tried to fool myself by saying that I was not nervous at all – with the intention that if I say it all the time, it’ll become the truth – the skin eruption proved the opposite, which made it hard to believe. I am very happy that it’s over now, even though I have no idea whether it went well or not.

Due to this event, I have not announced anything new yet, but I am very much convinced that in the next couple of weeks, I’ve got plenty of time to write as many posts, watch as many films on Netflix and hang out with friends as often as I would love to.  To everyone out there who has to go through any kind of selection in order to apply to their study: may the odds ever be in your favor.

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