Mosquito bites and an unairconditioned attic

My life
IMG_3347 IMG_3341 IMG_3301 IMG_3246My first day and night in Italy was a complete disaster. As soon as I stepped outside our car, I immediately got attacked by mosquitos . This usually isn’t that kind of a big deal for the common person, but I am allergic for their bites. First they turn into big itching balloons – red and super swollen –  and after that they become bruises that never completely disappear.. My dad says it has also something to do with my type of skin, but I’m not so sure of that. To make it even worse, there was a heat wave in Italy and there was no air conditioning in our house, plus my boyfriend and I had to sleep in the attic. You probably understand why we spent most of our day at the pool, from breakfast until supper, which was actually quite fun :) Luckily after a couple days it started raining, which cooled everything down.
p.s. Some packages arrived today. I’m so super exited to show everything with you!

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